15th of October 2017.

Innovation: Organization & Management is welcoming submissions for a special issue on Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The editors Joep Cornelissen, Nina Granqvist, Stine Grodal, and Michael Lounsbury seekto publish empirical and theoretical papers that highlight how culture shapes innovative and entrepreneurial processes within and across organizations. More information can be found here.

Please submit your manuscript by 15th of October 2017.

About the journal: Innovation: Organization & Management(IOM) is a new journal that publishes outstanding research on innovation within and across organizations. The journal welcomes manuscripts grounded in diverse disciplinary, theoretical and methodological traditions; it publishes both empirical and theoretical contributions that are highly relevant and methodologically robust. The Editors-in-Chief particularly encourage manuscripts that break new ground theoretically – even if they are methodologically risky – or use non-mainstream and innovative approaches.