15th Annual West Coast Research Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship

Event: Doctoral Student Workshop on Technology Entrepreneurship

Location: Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 (Research Symposium follows on August 31 and September 1)

We invite doctoral students to submit applications to attend a one-day Doctoral Student Workshop held in conjunction with the 15th West Coast Research Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship (WCRS). Sessions will focus on technology entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on contemporary work in the field.

Faculty mentors include Warren Boeker (University of Washington), Emily Cox Pahnke (University of Washington), Robert Eberhardt (Santa Clara University), Chuck Eesley (Stanford University), Peer Fiss (University of Southern California), Joel Gehman (University of Alberta), Vern Glaser (University of Alberta), Tim Hannigan (University of Alberta), Ralph Heidl (University of Oregon), Shon Hiatt (University of Southern California), Nan Jia (University of Southern California), Michael Lounsbury (University of Alberta), Dev Jennings (University of Alberta), Alan Meyer (University of Oregon), Andrew Nelson (University of Oregon), Marc-David Seidel (University of British Columbia), David Tan (University of Washington), and Madeline Toubiana (University of Alberta).

About the Doctoral Student Workshop

The Doctoral Workshop focuses on technology entrepreneurship with an emphasis on contemporary work in the field. The workshop offers an intellectually stimulating experience, maps the theoretical domain of technology entrepreneurship, and builds community. Workshop participants will have opportunities to present their own research interests, to interact with each other, and to get acquainted with faculty members. Applicants focusing on the nexus of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship will be given preference. Applications are due by midnight PST on Friday, June 9.

Doctoral Student Workshop Tracks

The doctoral student workshop offers two separate tracks. (The two tracks will combine for selected workshop sessions/panels and for all meals.)

Track 1 is designed for doctoral students who have not yet defended a dissertation proposal and who may still be in the process of selecting a dissertation topic. This track will devote attention to the selection of a dissertation topic, research design, and sources of data.

Track 2 is intended for students who have defended dissertation proposals (or who are close to doing so). This track will devote attention to completing the dissertation, publishing the dissertation, finding a job, and other early career considerations.

Meals and Lodging

Each student selected to attend the Doctoral Workshop will be provided with all meals and three nights accommodation (double occupancy).

The WCRS Doctoral Student Workshop is being co-organized by Joel Gehman and Vern Glaser, together with Emily Cox Pahnke, Chuck Eesley, Ben Hallen, Shon Hiatt and Ralph Heidl.


Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Washington

Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University

Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Oregon

Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, University of Southern California

Technology Commercialization Centre, Alberta School of Business

Complete details and application instructions are available here: