Call For Papers: 2018 Industry Studies Conference

May 30-June 1, 2018, Seattle, WA, USA

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

The Industry Studies Association cordially invites submissions of individual papers and panels of papers for the 2018 Industry Studies Conference, to be held May 30-June 1, 2018 at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, WA. Industry studies research is grounded in observations of firms and workplaces and in a deep understanding of the markets, institutions, and technologies that shape the competitive environment. It draws on a wide range of academic disciplines and fields, including economics and other social sciences, management, marketing, policy analysis, operations research, engineering, labor markets and employment relations, and other related research and policy areas.

The conference welcomes research from all disciplines that incorporates this approach. The Program Committee is especially interested in organized panels and papers that are unique in their emphasis on observation and insight into a particular industry, or that consider how knowledge gained in studying one industry can provide insights into other industries.

2018 Theme: Resources and Relationships

Industries, and firms within them, emerge and thrive when they assemble resources and develop relationships effectively. They wither and fail when they are no longer able to do so. The kinds of resources and relationships that are required for industrial and firm competitiveness diverge across space and evolve over time. Understanding the unique mix that works well for a particular sector at a given place and time is among the most important contributions of industry studies scholarship.

Seattle provides an outstanding setting for thinking about resources and relationships. Founded to exploit the extraordinary wealth of natural resources in the Puget Sound region, this dynamic city has added organizational, human, and knowledge resources to its economic mix over the past century. Now one of the premier gateways to Asia in North America, Seattle is a manufacturing and high-tech hub that is home to a diverse population and hosts a thriving cultural scene, even as it remains in close touch with its beautiful natural surroundings.

Topics of interest relevant to this theme include but are not limited to:

• How is the resource base of specific industries evolving? How are relationships evolving?

• How is the mix of relationships and resources changing?

• What strategies are being employed to take best advantage of resources and relationships? What are the keys to competitiveness at the industry and firm level moving forward?

• How do changes in the mix of resources and relationships affect society, and how are social actors and governments responding to these changes?

The Submission Process

Researchers may submit abstracts of up to 250 words for single papers or groups of 3-5 abstracts for organized panels. The Program Committee will assign papers accepted as individual submissions to panel sessions. Panel proposals should identify a common theme across the papers included in them (e.g., using one methodology across multiple industries or multiple diverse approaches to a common problem in a single industry). Panels that include practitioners, whether from industry, government, or other organizations, as presenters or discussants are especially welcome. Ties between paper and panel proposals to the 2018 theme described above are not mandatory, but should be highlighted if present. The deadline for paper and panel submissions is January 12, 2018.

Abstracts should be submitted through the Industry Studies Conference website at

In addition to the abstract submission, junior (untenured) faculty may also submit full papers to the Rising Stars Best Paper Competition and the Best Paper in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Stream Competition, which is sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. More information on these competitions can be found on the conference website.

Submissions may be made to the research streams listed below. However, these streams are not meant to be exhaustive, and the committee also welcomes submissions in the “General Industry Studies” category. This category may include industry-specific as well as cross-industry papers and panels. The program committee may shift papers and panels from the general industry studies stream to other streams where appropriate.

Research streams:

• Energy, Power, & Sustainability (Coordinator: Adam Fremeth, Ivey Business School, U. of Western Ontario; afremeth)

• Healthcare (Coordinator: Tonya Boone, Mason Business School, William & Mary;Tonya.Boone)

• Globalization: Management & Policy Implications (Coordinator: Liz Reynolds, Industrial Performance Center, MIT, lbr)

• Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Coordinator: Andrew Reamer, Institute of Public Policy, George Washington U., areamer)

• Technology Management (Coordinator: Raja Roy, New Jersey Institute of Technology, rroy)

• Labor Markets, Organizations, & Employment Relations (Coordinator: Ariel Avgar, ILR School, Cornell; aca27)

• Supply Networks, Operations and Engineering Management (Coordinator: Benn Lawson, University of Cambridge; b.lawson)

• General Industry Studies (Coordinators: David Hart, Emily Cox Pahnke, & Adam Seth Litwin;, dhart, eacox, aslitwin)

The conference is open to all researchers. A discounted conference registration fee will be charged to members of the Industry Studies Association (to become a member, please visit

Please feel free to contact the Conference Program Leadership below with related questions.

• David Hart, George Mason University (program co-chair, dhart)

• Adam Seth Litwin, Cornell University (program co-chair, aslitwin)

• Emily Cox Pahnke, University of Washington (program co-chair, eacox)

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