The Sumantra Ghoshal Strategy Conference on Managerially Relevant Research

An annual event that focuses on research that matters to managers

10 – 11 June 2018, London Business School

The Sumantra Ghoshal Conference highlights the best managerially relevant research from around the world.

Every year, we bring together researchers to present papers that meet the highest standards of academic rigour, as well as create valuable insights for practitioners, managers, consultants and policy makers.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

Call for Papers

Deadline for submissions: 28th February 2018

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship Area at the London Business School invites you to submit research papers for presentation at the 12th annual Sumantra Ghoshal Conference on Managerially Relevant Research to be held on campus on 10th–11th June 2018, starting in the early afternoon on the 10th and ending with a drinks reception in the early evening of the 11th.

The purpose of this invitation-only Conference is to engender research which honours our late colleague, Sumantra Ghoshal by stimulating high quality research which can also shape the way we practice management and by building a community of scholars interested in managerial relevance.

In keeping with the spirit of the late Sumantra’s research philosophy, our aim is to invite research presentations that not only meet the highest standards of academic rigour but also create insights that are of value to practitioners – managers, consultants or policy makers. London Business School faculty will select a mix of papers that complement each other. The key themes for this year’s conference are: (I) People and Organizations; (II) Innovation and Technology; (III) Markets and Corporations; (IV) Strategy and Society (V) Entrepreneurship.

Through the generous support of PwC Strategy& (UK), our Conference sponsors, we will cover local accommodation expenses and a contribution towards airfare for the presenter, and will extend an invitation to co-authors to attend our Conference. Those who submit a paper and are not selected will also be given priority consideration for an invitation to attend the Conference.

This year’s Conference will include paper presentations in the chosen academic track as well as panel sessions with some of the leading academics in our field and industry leaders to focus on current issues and challenges. We will also host: a session honouring this year’s recipient of the Sumantra Ghoshal Award: Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School; a dinner debate; and two panels on topical challenges for academics and practitioners alike, to be detailed in our programme.

Academic Paper Sessions

I. People and Organizations

Track chair: Aharon Cohen Mohliver & Bryan Stroube
Co-organisers: Isabel Fernandez-Mateo; Freek Vermeulen

This track aims to provide a forum for work on the boundary between Strategic Management and Organization Theory. This may concern research on the human and relational aspects of strategy, including strategy process and top management teams, but also topics such as organizational learning, human capital, social comparison, corporate governance, the diffusion of strategies and management practices, and the role of institutions in strategic behaviour. We are interested in implications for firm performance, but also welcome papers that enhance our understanding of the behaviour of organizations and the social organization of markets.

II. Innovation and Technology

Track chair: Michaël Bikard
Co-organiser: Sendil Ethiraj; Keyvan Vakili

This track considers key strategic challenges for incumbents and entrants alike such as creativity and innovation – in terms of new products, processes or business models. We want to explore antecedents and implications of creative and innovative performance, and explain how organizational structure and design shapes incentives to innovate, and innovative outcomes. We also welcome the submission of papers focusing on innovation in technology-based settings and exploring the emergence and evolution of technologies, ecosystems, and industries.

III. Markets and Corporations

Track chair: Sungyong Chang
Co-organisers: Julian Birkinshaw; Michael G Jacobides; Catie Magelssen

This track aims to present research which addresses topics related to the boundaries of the firm, industry structure, or issues of scope and organization design. Therefore, it may also pertain to inter-firm collaboration, M&A, cross-border management, global strategy, networks, and market entry. We encourage bold and broad range of papers, regardless of disciplinary background and research tradition.

IV. Strategy and Society

Track chair: Donal Crilly
Co-organisers: Ioannis Ioannou; Yiorgos Mylonadis

We welcome papers that explore the issues related to the integration of environmental, social, governance and ethical issues into the management of the modern corporation and the implications for establishing a sustainable competitive advantage. We encourage ambitious and original work that considers the antecedents to corporate environmental, social and ethical performance as well as manuscripts that explore novel mechanisms through which such behaviour may be associated with value creation. Finally, we welcome submissions that try to tackle the notion of the purpose of the corporation.

V. Entrepreneurship

Track chair: Colleen Cunningham
Co-organizers: Gary Dushnitsky; Costas Markides

This track will consider topics pertaining to identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities. We are open to a broad definition of entrepreneurship, which needs not be limited to founding a startup but might also include freelancing, self-employment, or corporate entrepreneurship. We also welcome papers on entrepreneurship in a wide range of settings, or with a focus on emerging entrepreneurship-related phenomena such as crowdfunding, accelerators, and incubators.

Submission Process

When submitting your paper, please choose one of the tracks above. Note that the organisers might, at their discretion, potentially suggest an alternate track or create a new track from selected, thematically consistent papers. As such, should you believe that you have a strong paper which does not fit any of the four categories above, feel free to submit, and there is a chance this might be selected and grouped with unusually appealing submissions. Finally, note that we discourage the submission of papers which have already been accepted for publication in a journal at the time of submission to the Conference, but we will welcome papers that are undergoing review / revision and earlier work.

When submitting the paper, please send the paper as well as a paragraph-length exposition of what you think the impact is for a particular audience beyond our peers in academe.

The deadline for submissions is 28th February 2018. Submissions selected for presentation will be notified by 30th March 2018. Through generous funding from PwC Strategy& (UK), our Conference sponsor, London Business School will cover accommodation for two nights (and up to three for intercontinental flights if need be), and reimburse economy airfare (up to £350 for European flights and £750 for intercontinental flights) for one paper presenter. We will also extend an invitation to co-authors to attend the Conference.

If you are interested in presenting in one of the academic tracks, please send your paper submission to our Conference administrator, Helen Paton (hpaton), indicating which track you think your paper would fit best by the deadline. For additional substantive questions, please email the Conference organizer, Olenka Kacperczyk (okacperczyk), cc’ing Helen Paton.

With the support of PwC Strategy& (UK)PWC strategy

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