Emerald Book Series ISSN 2397-5210

Series Editors: Robert J. Galavan, National University of Ireland Maynooth & Kristian J. Sund, Roskilde University

Proposal Submission Deadline: December 15th, 2017
Expected publication end of 2018

Cognition and Innovation

Guest Editor: Stefano Brusoni
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

This book will appear as the third volume in the recently launched New Horizons in Managerial and Organizational Cognition book series. Volume 1, Guest Edited by Anne S. Huff, addressed the topic of strategic uncertainty. Volume 2, Guest Edited by Gerard P. Hodgkinson, examined current methodological advances and challenges in MOC research. This third volume will comprise a collection of contributions that reflect the multiple emerging intersections between cognition and innovation studies.

Aims and Scope
Studies of the management of technology and innovation are often interdisciplinary in nature, coming at the problem from a variety of perspectives, including strategic, managerial, behavioral, and operational. The problem domain includes the management of innovation, technology strategy, research and development, information technologies, technology-based entrepreneurship, and the commercialization of scientific research. Behavioral theories of innovation have developed in multiple directions over the years, and it is the intention of this collection of articles to take stock and provide examples of new developments at the intersection of innovation studies, and studies of managerial and organizational cognition (MOC).

We encourage papers exploring the frontiers of socio-cognitive and socio-psychological research as it relates to innovation management, and innovation processes. Major topics of interest include attention, attribution, decision making, identity, ideology, information processing, creativity, learning, memory, mental representations and images, categories, cognitive frames, perceptual and interpretive processes, social construction, social dilemmas, and change.

Chapters selected for inclusion in this volume of New Horizons in Managerial and Organizational Cognition will offer variously state-of-the-art applications of MOC-related theories to the domains of innovation management as outlined above. We encourage critical reflection and theoretical or methodological advances. We are open to both conceptual and empirical work, and to both qualitative and quantitative work.

Submission Procedure and Timescales
Scholars are invited to first submit a proposal (3-5 pages) to the Guest Editor on or before December 15 2017.
All editorial decisions on proposals will be completed by January 2017.
Authors invited to submit manuscripts must prepare a draft (5,000-8,000 words) to be submitted early March 2018.
Final versions of chapters will be due by May 2018.

Submissions or enquiries should be sent to the series editors
Profs. Robert J. Galavan and Kristian J. Sund:robert.galavan